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On October 31, 2012, six of FortisOntario’s Power Line Technicians left for Poughkeepsie New York
to assist Central Hudson Gas and Electric with the massive restoration effort in front of them. They are six of about 700 crew members working around the clock to help get life back to normal after Hurricane Sandy.   At one point, 105,000 of Central Hudson’s 300,000 customers were without power.
Whenever there is a devastating natural event, emergency services and utility companies often travel outside of their jurisdiction to assist where needed.  When Bill Daley, FortisOntario’s Chief Executive Officer and President  spoke to Central Hudson’s management he said “The message to me was quite simple... send everybody you can."
FortisOntario crews were initially expected to return on Sunday but have extended their stay to assist
with restoration efforts in neighbouring utilities of Central Hudson Gas and Electric. “This is a chance for our company to give back," said Bill Daley.