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Sherkston Community Centre Awarded for Energy and Cost-saving Measures

Sherkston Community Centre Awarded for Energy and Cost-saving Measures
Pictured (left to right):
Mike Feaghan - Vice President, Sherkston Neighborhood Recreation Committee;
Mary Tibollo - CDM Specialist, Canadian Niagara Power

On August 25, Sherkston Community Centre's Vice President, Mike Feagan, was presented with a $778 Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program (ERIP) cheque by Canadian Niagara Power. This was in recognition of the electricity savings achieved through a lighting retrofit completed at the centre.

The Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program, offered by Canadian Niagara Power and the Ontario Power Authority, provides incentives for commercial, industrial, agricultural and institutional customers who complete electrical retrofits that result in demand savings and/or annual energy savings. By installing energy-efficient lighting throughout the centre, the program will help reduce their environmental footprint, provide better illumination levels and reduced energy consumption.

The conservation programs for businesses offered by Canadian Niagara Power assist customers undergoing retrofits they might otherwise not be able to complete. Money saved on energy is money that can be directed instead to other priorities. We congratulate Sherkston Community Centre on taking a pro-active, leadership role in energy conservation in our community.